4 Ways to follow a sustainable life and how going green can save the environment
4 Ways to follow a sustainable life and how going green can save the environment

Going organic isn’t as difficult as you might think. As demand has increased for sustainable, natural produce in recent years, here are 5 ways to induce a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle with expert inputs from Sachin Kamat, Director, Enrich.

The importance of a sustainable lifestyle is to drive people’s attention to the urgent need of restoring the earth’s ecosystems. Think the conversation should go beyond choosing the organic way of life and instead focus on creating a lifestyle of sustainability. 

The pandemic across the world that started last year and is still on only highlighted the urgency of what we needed to do. More than a year of lockdowns has provided us space and time to reflect on the important things in life and sustaining the ecosystem has become more important than ever. 

What does going organic mean to me?

Going green simply means living a lifestyle that is not just more beneficial for people, but for our surroundings as well. So if you’re not eco-friendly at the moment, maybe you should consider becoming one. I can give you the top 4 reasons why one should switch to organic life and how it is a good thing to do and here they are: 

We do not have to hurt our environment to get what we need

We use so many products in our daily routine like clothes, utensils, cosmetics, food etc but is it really necessary to harm our environment for our needs? Eco-friendly products are readily available in the market at a reasonable rate. You can buy organic food, organic toiletries, organic food and even clothes that are made from organic cotton.

You will feel good about yourself

You are doing a remarkable initiative by even switching to an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush, you get a proud feeling that you are bringing that difference which is much needed. You have a purpose. We feel peaceful and fulfilled that we are doing something to save our planet. 

Going organic is healthier

When we use products that are 100 per cent natural, it is much better for our well-being. Fewer chemicals mean less damage to your health. Whether it’s the food you eat, the utensil you cook in, the soap you wash with, or the clothes you wear – going organic reduces the number of chemicals you come into contact with.

Think about the future

Instead of living just for today and gratifying our own immediate needs, we should think about how our current actions will leave a bad impact on our planet and the future generations who will live on it. We should not just save it, but make it as good as we can. Green products are definitely one of the many ways to enable our kids a better future. 

About the author: Sachin Kamat, Director, Enrich

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