Mirror Skin Is Here: Know All About The Latest K-Beauty Skin Care Trend For Clear Skin
Mirror Skin Is Here: Know All About The Latest K-Beauty Skin Care Trend For Clear Skin

Give a natural boost of hydration to your skincare regimen with Korean mirror skin trend

Thanks to Korean beauty, skincare is once again coming back to the main scene. We might have procrastinated our skincare regimen for long but it's time to take it one notch up with this latest Korean skincare trend. K-beauty trends go viral as soon as they land up in the market and we can't blame them. Every Korean trend has a prime focus on giving clear and radiant skin. The mirror skincare trend is all about giving lots of moisture to your skin to get a plump and supple skin tone. This latest trend is all about embracing hydrated skin and a youthful glow by giving a good amount of conscious care to the skin. Want to know more? We have the perfect guide for you to get the mirror skin trend.

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What is the Mirror Skin Trend?

Hearing about the latest K-beauty trend automatically raises our excitement level and our curiosity to try it out. Similarly, this time we have the mirror skin trend, which is about clear and shiny skin but just with skincare products and not makeup. The main ingredient of this trend is niacinamide, which helps in getting that supple skin. It is known for combating dullness, hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It is super essential to keep your skin extremely moisturised to see the best of the results.

Step-By-Step Guide For Mirror Skincare

Step-By-Step Guide For Mirror Skincare

1. Double Cleansing Is The Key

Start with cleansing your face with an oil-based cleanser to get rid of any excess oils, makeup, dirt and sweat. After you are done with the first cleanser then choose a facial foaming cleanser to repeat the process. Please make sure you pick the products which cater to your skin type.


Double cleansing helps in removing all the dirt

2. Exfoliate

After cleansing, hop onto exfoliating your face with a gentle scrub or exfoliator that suits your skin type. It will deeply cleanse the skin and eliminate all the dead skin cells to give you a refreshing feel.

3. Moisturising Is Important

Layering in the right way can give you the best results. It's now time to moisturise your skin well. Start with applying a light layer of hydrating serum and then massage it well. Afterwards, apply a layer of hydrating moisturiser to lock all the moisture. To ensure that everything is sealed, use a lightweight suitable facial oil and massage it well so that it gets absorbed.


Moisturising is core part of any regimen

4. Sunscreen

Do not miss the sunscreen ever. Finish your skincare regimen by applying a generous amount of lightweight sunscreen to your skin which will help in protecting your skin from sun damage.

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