Summer Beauty Tips: 10 Beauty Tips To Beat The Heat This Summer Season
Summer Beauty Tips: 10 Beauty Tips To Beat The Heat This Summer Season

Summer Beauty: Get glowing this summer with these beauty tips to tackle the summer heat

Summers are the best time to upgrade to your beauty routine and with the current situation, self-care has become even more important. Our beauty box might have all skincare and haircare essentials but with heat in full swing, our skin and hair needs extra care with some additions to our current regime. From nourishing hair masks to hydrating moisturisers, we have the best beauty tips for you to beat the summer blues this season. Summer heat can damage our skin and hence some extra protective layers and tips are what we need to keep that cooling and soothing sensation going. It's time to refresh your beauty routine with these summer tips that are a must to do.

Summer Beauty Tips To Practice This Summer

1. Never Forget The Cleanser

Cleansing is an utmost important practice when it comes to skincare, especially during summers. It helps in removing all the dirt and excess oil from the skin, while retaining the natural moisture.

2. Aloe Vera Gel Is Your BFF

Aloe vera gel is a legit one-stop solution for all your skincare woes. Be it a rash, itchy skin or any other issue, aloe vera gel tackles most skincare problems. You can even freeze some aloe vera gel and then use it for cooling.

3. Lip Exfoliation Is Must

No matter what season it is, lip care is super necessary. Lip balms might be a must-have in every beauty box but lip scrubs are what you need in summers for soft and tinted lips. They help in removing all the dead and flaky dry skin, allowing fresh skin to grow. They make your lips moisturised and supple.

4. Overnight Skincare Is Important

With a WFH schedule, our skincare regimen has shifted. While we all are trying to fix our skincare schedules, it's time to give a try to an overnight skincare regimen to up our beauty game. Having an overnight skincare routine doesn't need a lot of effort, all you need is the right kind of products and beginning with a face gel is a great thing to get a natural glow.

5.Your Feet Need Attention Too

When we talk about skin care we often forget about our feet, which are equally important and need attention too. Foot creams are the best way to start a foot care routine as they help in getting you soft feet and also tackle cracked and rough heels.

6.Exfoliators Are The Best Summer Essentials

Our basic CTM skincare regimen might need something extra this summer and nothing is better than adding an exfoliator to your routine. Face scrubs are the best way to treat most of our skincare issues. They help in removing blackheads, dead skin cells, acne marks and many more. Do ensure that you pick a product that caters to your skin type.

7. Protect Your Hair With A Nourishing Hair Mask

The summer sun heat can damage your hair with the UV rays and the humid conditions can even make your scalp sweat to another level. Shampooing daily is not a solution as it can be harmful. Hence, the best way to give the right protection to your hair is by using a hair mask that suits your hair type. Use at least once a week.

8. Your Beauty Box Is Incomplete Without Sunscreen

A good sunscreen with decent SPF that tends to protect is a must-have is every beauty box. It's not like that you just need to apply two minutes before you step out. Sunscreen also needs time to get absorbed in the skin and hence make sure you apply it at least 30 minutes before stepping out.

9. Beat The Heat With Toners

Toners are the best way to give a cooling and soothing sensation to your skin. They are hydrating and help in giving a boost of natural glow and moisturisation to your skin. Go for lightweight toners in summers.

10.Can't Do Without Moisturisers Ever

Be it any season, our skin needs moisturisation, the formulations can change but this product is a must always. The most important part of any skincare regimen is moisturising the skin thoroughly. A moisturiser helps in deeply nourishing the skin from within. Opt for water-based moisturisers, which are lightweight and hydrating. Do pick according to your skin type.

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