Frequently asked questions

You need to pay Rs.800, which is inclusive of GST, to purchase any one of the three levels of membership.

Each of the three levels of membership is valid for one year.

Your membership is activated the moment you purchase it.

Your membership number is the mobile number you use to register yourself.

Premier and Elite memberships are for existing members who are renewing their membership. If you are purchasing a membership for the first time, only the Club membership will be available to you.

One person can hold only one membership at a time.

The memberships are non-cancellable and non-refundable.

The memberships are non-transferable. However, you can add a certain limited number of people on to your membership.

It depends on the level of your membership. Please refer to the below chart:

Club: 2

Premier: 3

Elite: 4

They will get a 20% discount on all services as long as the membership is active.

The membership benefit cannot be clubbed with any other offer or benefit or membership.

20% discount on services, Reward Points on basic services and product purchase, and 10% Reward Points on new services are available all through the year. All other benefits are available only once during the year.

The Reward Points can be redeemed for any salon or home service.

All the Reward Points can be used to pay for services at salon or home.

- 800 Reward Points: This is a Joining Bonus, which is credited to your account one month before the membership is set to expire. It will be valid till the membership expiry.

- Reward Points for basic services and product purchases: Whenever you do any basic service (haircut, blow dry, hair wash, threading and waxing services), you get 5%/7.5%/10% of the pre-tax value back as Reward Points, depending on your level of membership. Similarly, you get 5% of the net price as points whenever you purchase a product. Valid from Monday-Friday.

- Reward Points for new services: Whenever you do any newly introduced service, you get 10% of the pre-tax value back as Reward Points.

Points will be valid for 45 days from date of credit.

It is a special product which we have specially introduced for our members!

It can be used on all days of the week, all through the year.

Yes, you can renew your membership and get upgraded to the next level if you renew within 60 days after expiry. You can still renew your membership after more than 60 days, but you will be retained at the same level.

You need to pay Rs.800, which is inclusive of GST, to renew any one of the three levels of membership.

You can write to us at, or call us on 1800 266 5300.